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Chapter Two:


"Are you suuuuuure you don't want to tell us anything?" Amethyst grinned at the still bubbled Peridot as she laid on her stomach, head resting on her hand. Her legs swayed nonchalantly as she let her lips quirk up slightly.

Peridot only groaned and narrowed her eyes."Yes, I am positive," she growled out. She sat in the bubbled with her legs pulled up to her chest, facing the other gem.

"Come on, it's not too hard!" Amethyst stuck her tongue out and only made Peridot huff in annoyance.

"Please, I am fully aware of the lack of effort it would take to relay information to the likes of you, though I am curious on if your puny learning cerebrum would be able to even process it…" She trailed off and relished the fuming look shot at her from the tall one, the Pearl.

"Oh, I assure you, we would very much understand it. If our learning cerebrums were as dull as you thought, than we wouldn't have been able to trap you so easily," she explained and crossed her thin arms. Peridot frowned, but it was quickly replaced by a smug smirk.

"Ha! Trap? As if I would have been foolish enough to be trapped by you! Though tell me, who exactly are you? Surely you must be somewhat more skilled than most of the majority of the species that used to inhabit this planet."

The three gems visibly stiffened. Garnet straightened up from her relaxed position against a pile of clothing and walked over.

"The people of this planet are still very much alive. You don't need to know who we are. I'm sure you'll figure it out on your own," she said as monotonous as possible. This reply urked Peridot very much.

"What? Are you scared that I'll relay information on you to my diamond-" she stopped and her eyes widened. She quickly covered her mouth, but it was too late.

"Wait, you personally know a diamond?" Pearl asked as she stepped back slightly. Amethyst looked even more interested."Cool," was all she said.

"No, no! Not at all! I have nothing to do with the diamond authority!" She spat out as quickly as possible, but she could tell they didn't believe her.

"Well, now she's really important," Garnet said as she crossed her arms and looked to her teammates who nervously looked back.

Pearl coughed,"so, what now?" She was visibly bothered by the fact the smaller gem was actually of some real importance, but she had to wonder what course of action they would take about it.

Garnet shrugged."I'm sure Peridot here will come around eventually," she said, and the other two nodded. Peridot, however, waved her hands frantically with wide eyes as she struggled to force her dry mouth to say something.

"Wait, you have the wrong idea! I don't know anything still! So, I may know a diamond, but it means nothing about what they planned to do with this ball of dirt!" She exclaimed in a panicked manner. They only stared at her with bored expressions.

"Yeah, sure," Amethyst drawled on slowly as she brought herself to a standing position. She stretched her arms out as if she had just woken from a nap."Just don't expect to leave that bubble anytime soon."

With that, they all started to walk away from the puzzled gem."Wait!" She called out, and earned the attention of the three.

"What if I don't tell you anything?" She had to ask.

Amethyst grinned which earned an exasperated look from Pearl."Easy," she said,"we lock you here forever." She walked away. The green gem gave a confused look to the Garnet, who shrugged.

"Your choice," and left the chamber.

Peridot groaned. This was going to be a long, long process.

"I'm trapped. I'm trapped and never going to escape. I'm going to stay stuck here in this bubble and no one will be able to rescue me. I'm going to stay here for all of eternity. Not good, not good, not good-" Peridot chanted as she she held her head in her hands and buried herself in her knees.

The gems just watched her display, this time with the odd silent boy from before.

The Amethyst crossed her arms behind her head and leaned on one leg."Uh, is she gonna be ok?" She asked.

Pearl put a hand to her chin in thought."Honestly, while it is a bit amusing, it does worry me a bit." She sighed and looked to the poker faced gem next to her,"what do you think, Garnet?"

She hummed,"I don't know."

Peridot twitched madly and felt an odd form of liquid coming to her eyes and groaned more.

Amethyst moaned,"it's only been three days and she's acting like it's been a century." She looked at the slightly taller boy next to her."Hey Steven, wanna try and get her to talk?" The boy only shrugged in response with a slightly troubled look on his young face. He adjusted the red bandana around his forehead with bold black letters 'CG' across it.

"I'm not sure if I'd do very good," he mumbled and looked back to the ground. The gems only sighed at his response, but Amethyst quickly perked up again and nudged him in the arm.

"Come on, try it! It's actually pretty fun to annoy her!" Amethyst joked.

The Steven looked at the bubbled gem and frowned. Slowly, he walked over to her and kneeled. He brought his chubby hand up and poked the bubble. She peered up at him with glistening eyes.

"Um, hi," he said awkwardly. Peridot narrowed her eyes and balled her fists. Show no weakness.

"What is it? Have you come to patronize me as well?" She asked, but managed to maintain a calm composure.

"No, no!" He said with wide brown eyes. He scratched the back of his curly thick tufts of hair as he pondered what to say to the alien gem."Listen, we need to know why you're here. If you don't tell us, then we won't even consider letting you go. Is that what you want?" He asked with a slightly stern voice. Peridot blinked, obviously not expecting that response.

"Why would I even consider revealing anything to my enemy?" She huffed.

"If you want to stay bubbled for all of eternity, then that's your choice. All we're doing is trying to at least get you to say something." He said. Peridot turned away with her eyes closed.

"I might consider saying something if you let me out," she spoke coolly. She opened one eye to examine the boy and was surprised to see a thoughtful look on his face. He looked back at Garnet.

"Garnet, what do you think?" He asked. The Garnet adjusted her glasses.

"Releasing her could go two ways. She's more likely to kick you in the nuts and run though," she said, and Peridot gulped. The Steven looked back at her and paused.

"...I think it would be worth a shot." Peridot perked up, but he held his hand up to silence her.

" Listen," he said," if we let you out, you have to tell us something you know, or else you're never coming out again, got it?" He warned and Peridot scoffed.

"Please, I'm sure I could understand what you mean. Just release me and I'll share what knowledge I do possess to you."

Steven stood up and motioned for Garnet to come. She nodded and walked forward, her movements being followed by a panicking Pearl and a neutral Amethyst.

"Garnet, Steven, are you sure about this? Why should we just let her out?" Pearl asked as she bit her lip roughly with her pale hands clasped. Garnet looked at her and gave her a thumbs up before she turned back.

She reached her hand out and gently pushed on the bubble before it popped, releasing the small green gem to the hard earth below. She groaned as she rubbed her head, before she felt a larger shadow loom over her. She raised her head and squeaked when she saw the Steven standing above her with his hands on his hips.

"So, what do you know?" He got straight to the point. Peridot thought for a moment, before she growled. She quickly kneeled and kicked Steven right in his 'special place' and made a mad dash for the tunnel away from them. The other gems only gasped as Steven groaned in pain as he was hunched over on the ground.

Pearl looked to him and asked,"Steven, are you alright?" Steven waved a hand at her with a bit of sweat on his face."I-I'm fine, just follow her!" They nodded and quickly followed Peridot, who was at that moment running on all fours.

They summoned their weapons as they were running after the terrified gem. Pearl aimed and threw her spear at her enemy, who only squealed in fear when it landed right by her. Amethyst growled as she snapped her whip towards her, but surprisingly, she managed to dodge and keep a clean path to the tunnel. It was just a few meters away. Garnet frowned and grunted as she slammed her fists on the ground and created a shockwave that knocked over Peridot.

She let out an 'ow!' as she fell flat on her face, but otherwise picked herself up quickly and kept running. The gems groaned as they sprinted after her, but it was too late. Peridot had managed to get to the tunnel and throw her short arms up to the handle of a large door and shove it open. She huffed and puffed as she got ready to run again.

Garnet clenched her teeth and slammed her fists against the ground one more time muttering," oh, no you don't!"

The shockwave was bigger this time and managed to make Peridot fall again and skid over the floor and into the other space.

Peridot groaned and slowly sat up. It took a moment to get her bearings, but when she did she jumped right up with a victorious grin.

"Ha!" She laughed and raised her hands."Freedom is mine!" She hollered. A cough made her stop. She froze and slowly, with her arms still held up, turned around with wide eyes.

Humans. Humans all around her, all frozen just like she.

The other gems caught up while breathing deeply, along with a panting Steven. Peridot was now visibly shaking as she stared at the wide eyes that were all narrowed onto her small form.

"Oh my stars…" She mumbled."There are more?" She whipped her head to the group that was chasing her and pointed at them.

"Just who are you?!" She shouted in an uneasy and shaken voice. They surrounded her with their weapons ready. The Pearl pointed her spear at her with a hand raised in defiance.

"We are the Crystal Gems! We're still alive and we're still the guardians of this planet and all it's living creatures!" Peridot sat, dumbfounded.

"The Crystal Gems?" She asked in clear confusion. Then, her eyes widened and she trembled even more.

"You are the Crystal Gems? How?! I thought you were eradicated from this planet years ago!"

Steven got into a battle stance."Like you thought the humans were?"

"This-this doesn't make any sense! What are you still doing here? How did you survive? The Red Eye didn't report the presence of any life on this planet!"

"That's because we destroyed it!" Pearl replied. Peridot was at a loss of words for once.

"Now, tell us what you know! What diamond do you pledge under?" Pearl questioned as sternly as possible.

"N-no! I'm telling you, I really don't know anything!" Peridot cried out as she withered under their gazes. She saw the other humans slowly approaching the group, most with angered expressions.

"Steven!" A voice called out, and made Peridot jump slightly. She quickly saw a human girl with dark skin in a blue and red tunic run up to the group. She grabbed onto Steven's shoulder and peered curiously at the alien."Steven, is that the gem you found on the outside?"

Steven put an arm in front of her and eyed Peridot wearily."Not now Connie, you need to stay back." Peridot was slightly pleased at the fact that the Steven looked at her as a threat.

Garnet looked at her."Well, if you still refuse to say anything, I guess it's back to the bubble for you."

Peridot jumped back saying,"no, no, no, no, no! Please don't put me back into your bubble prison!" Her pleas were ignored as she was once again put into a deep magenta bubble. It took barely a second before she felt weightless and once again found herself in the same chamber she woke in from before. Her green eyes darted around and landed on the tunnel.

Amethyst was poking her head out from the door and stuck her tongue out at the enemy gem.

"See ya later, nerd!"

With that, she was once again put in darkness as the door was closed.

And silence.
The Little Peridot That Could Chapter 2
Woo, chapter two! How was it? I hope it was decent! I know Steven is weird in this, but more of his personality will be explained in later chapters. Also, I will take requests on ideas of how Peri can potentially 'bond' with the gems and people! Thanks, and please leave a comment! :)
Chapter One:

You're Going To Harvest Me?

She couldn't see anything. Nothing was around her, and all she could feel was a slight tingling sensation, but she was mostly still numb. She wanted to groan, but nothing would come out.

What happened? Where am I?

Slowly, the terrifying realization that she was alone in the dark without any idea where she was or how she got there sunk in. Then she felt the dull throb of her head, and her heart starting to pound against her ribcage.

Did I… Did I poof?

The odd sensation of poofing was rare to her, considering her lack of actual battle experience, but it had happened before. How long was she out? Realizing she couldn't just wait around, she forced herself to try and open her eyes, to become conscious again. She heard faint voices in the distance, but it was terribly muffled.

She groaned this time in fear and pain as she struggled to bring herself back, to reform. She felt as if she could barely breathe, trying this hard, but eventually the effort seemed to pay off as she felt a familiar feeling of weightlessness and noticed a faint white glow around her peripheral vision. She felt the energy come back to her, and had to close her eyes against the sudden onslaught of light.

Everything went so quickly, but once she felt her physical self come back, along with the cool air around her, time seemed to slow down. She breathed in relief and slowly opened her eyes, cracking them open before fully revealing them. Her vision was blurry, but it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. She looked at her body and was pleased to see the lack of injuries. Same light green skin, diamond uniform with the black V-neck and yellow diamond in the middle of her torso, same green leggings and yellow toes with a similarly colored diamond design on each knee. She clenched her fists a couple of times and wriggled her toes before she was satisfied.

Then she froze. The voices she heard- they stopped.

Slowly and cautiously, she raised her head, eyes trailing along every detail of the ground. It was dark still, and the ground looked to be made of solid rock. Was this the right place?

Before she could ponder her surroundings more, her eyes caught on something that made her breath catch in her throat and her heart stop.

People. Four, to be exact. A tall lady with a pearl gem on her forehead, an even taller woman with vision enhancers and quite large hair, a short purple gem with long pale hair, and a slightly taller male with curly hair.

Three of them immediately summoned weapons.

"Eep," she squeaked out. She jumped off of what appeared to be a metal table and onto the hard ground below. Getting onto all fours, she ran as fast as she could away from the impending danger. However, the room she was in was foreign and she had no idea where to go. Her head whipped around side to side as she frantically looked for the exit. Her wide eyes caught on a tunnel-like opening against the far side of the wall, and she immediately made a run for it.

Just when she thought she would escape, the large figure of the woman from before was in front of her, huge metal-like gloves covering her hands.

"Aaahhh!" She exclaimed and she tried to turn around, but found she was cornered. The woman grabbed her from behind with her gloves and held the green girl up. She was kicking and scratching and shouting, but nothing seemed to faze her foe.

"Let me go! I demand you release me!" She shrieked, but was only squeezed more.

"No," the woman said." You need to tell us who you are."

"Never!" The smaller yelled.

"Alright then. I'll guess we'll poof you again," she replied and started to squeeze to the point the other couldn't breathe.

"Wait!" She cried out as her nails scraped against the gloves," stop! Don't do it!"

"Well, who are you?" The other lady, asked as she pointed her light baby blue spear at her.

"W-who are you?!" The struggling one questioned.

"We asked you first!" The one with the vision enhancers said. More squeezing.

"Hey, maybe we should just bubble her. Sure would be funny to see her struggle to escape," the shorter girl suggested, a sly smirk on her face as she lazily held her purple and black whip at her side.

"No! Wait!" She cried. The green girl shut her eyes and ground her teeth in frustration. She really had no choice, did she?

"P-Peridot!" She shouted."My name is Peridot!" Instantly, the grip loosened and she was put on the ground, but her arm was still held tightly. The smaller gem only winced and breathed hard as her overworked mind struggled to unscramble itself.

"Well, to be technical, it's Peridot Facet 2F5L Cut 5XG," she quickly spat out.

"Peridot," the one holding her spoke.

"What are you doing here?" The pale one asked for her.

"I-I don't know!" A painful squeeze to her arm again."I swear!"

"Who sent you?" The one with the glasses asked again.

"Really! M-my ship crashed!" She squeaked out. Suddenly, the squeezing stopped and her arm was let go.

"Amethyst." At hearing her name, the shorter purple gem grinned as she slung the whips at the green girl and they quickly wrapped around her and restrained her tightly.

"No! L-let me go!" She yelled as she struggled even more against the restraints.

"Not until you tell us who sent you and why," the tallest said flatly as she crossed her arms. The group started walking, the Amethyst dragging the very unwilling Peridot.

"I demand you release me!" She growled out with tightly shut eyes. Her heart was pounding almost painfully as her legs practically turned to jello.

"Nope," came the calm reply.

No amount of her struggling could slow them down, but her groaning and moaning of frustration did succeed in furthering their own discontent. The large spacious room was otherwise quiet and dark other than the green gem's grumbling.

Eventually, Peridot stopped her groaning and decided to look around the space. Nothing but dark brownish red dirt and rock towering all around them. Piles of junk such as tables, blankets, clothes, and other useless things were scattered throughout the huge space.

She growled."Disgusting filth."

The Amethyst sharply turned around and narrowed her eyes at her."What?"

"Nothing!" The other darted her eyes back to the ground.

The tall pale one sighed and looked at the still silent boy who had his hands in his pockets and eyes set on the ground. "Steven, could you go and calm the rest down? We'll take care of things here."

The boy looked up at her and nodded."Sure." With that, he walked away from the group, but not without giving Peridot a weary and suspicious look. He ran away from the group and quickly walked through the same tunnel Peridot had tried escaping through. She frowned. She had just noticed the quiet boy was there. Interesting.

Before she could continue staring at the tunnel of freedom, her body was jerked forward toward the same table she remembered she had jumped from. A faint glow caught her eye and she slowly tilted her head up, instantly regretting the action. Her stomach churned and her heart stopped. Her eyes dilated as she stared at the terrifying sight above her. So many gems. So many gems in red bubbles hovered above them.

"Oh, my stars," she mumbled," you're going to harvest me?" Her voice quavered in barely contained fear as she held her hands to her face. How did she not notice?!

"We aren't going to harvest you," the thin gem said.

"Or are we?" The Amethyst gave a sly smirk which only scared the poor green gem more.

"Amethyst!" The pale one replied in a harsh tone.

"Come on, Pearl, can't we scare her just a little bit at least?"

"No! Garnet, what do we do?" She huffed and asked the tallest gem. She only shifted her glasses with her usual poker face.

"For now, we wait. Keep her in here, bubble her if we have to-"

"-No!" Peridot cut her off as she fought even more against her bindings."Don't you dare bubble me!"

Garnet looked at her."Sorry, but we can't exactly do that. Once you decide to talk, we'll consider getting you out."

"Just let me go! I don't know anything!" Peridot cried out.

"Like we'd believe you! You didn't exactly come here on a crashed ship yelling 'I come in peace'!" Amethyst exclaimed as she waved her arms exaggeratedly.

"We'll see about you not knowing anything. If I were you, I'd really consider your story,"Garnet said as she calmly walked over to the smallest gem. She nodded towards Amethyst who immediately pouted slightly as she withdrew her whip, but still held it in her hands just in case.

Garnet raised her fists and breathed before she quickly brought them down and formed a large pink bubble surrounding Peridot before she could try anything. She growled and kicked and punched at the bubble, but none of her light attacks even fazed it.

"Please! You aren't going to get any information from me, you clods!" Peridot pursed her lips and tried to look threatening, but it only managed to make Amethyst snort and Pearl roll her eyes.

"Right. We'll come back to check on you. Just decide if you want to stay in there or not," she said and crossed her arms. She quickly spun around and stalked off from the group. Amethyst flipped her hair behind her shoulder as she followed, and Garnet only spared another blank look at her before she left as well.

Then, they were gone. Back through that dark tunnel. What was passed it? Where was she?

Peridot frowned.

What does she do now?
The Little Peridot That Could Chapter 1
How was this chapter? I know it's short and nothing much really happened, but I want to try taking things a bit slow. Everything about why certain characters act the way they do will be explained in due time. Please, tell me what you think! And don't worry, chapters will probably end up getting longer. I just thought this was a good place to end it. Thanks! :)

“Go, go, go!” She heard someone scream out as waves upon waves of corrupted gems came at full force towards the small group of fighters. Clashing swords and pops of guns rang out in her ears along with screeching noises and the sound of the tearing of skin, and soon she truly believed she was going to go deaf. Usually, she would be fighting with them, but her dull, cracked gem and the scene before her stopped her from summoning anything of use.

“Here it is,” she murmured to herself as she gazed almost longingly in front of her. Just a few meters away from her was the largest mass of rippling gem energy surrounded by shot up spikes of earth she had ever had the luck of seeing.

“The Cluster,” she whispered. Her green eyes hardened and she pressed a switch that automatically replaced her broken visor. Her fists clenched and she marched forward, past the raging crowds of bloodshed and inhuman screeches.

This is it. This is what I was made for. It is time to fulfill my duty.

As she walked forward, she blocked out everything and everyone around her. She tried to calm her pounding heart and burning throat. She tried to concentrate on the calm, dull sounds around her, and the hauntingly beautiful mass just ahead. The mass that took her friend.

However, someone’s far off scream pierced into her mind.

“Peridot!!” The scream was agonizing and just emanated pure repressed anguish.

She sighed and ignored the voice, no matter how hard it seemed to be. She could no longer bear to look at the person who carried the voice.

She couldn’t help but chuckle slightly as she thought back to before this whole mess. Before the Cluster, before the activation, before the war and raids, before all of it. She remembered when she first got to what she assumed was a lost planet.

She was wrong.


Smoke was everywhere. The sky was engulfed in nothing but darkness, the scorching flames licking at the night air doing little to help. The rubble of what appeared to be a ship sat destroyed and in damage beyond repair,  many wires snapping viciously with sparks flying and flames bursting out of the hunks of metal. The ship also aided in effectively burning all of the surrounding plains to ash. No one would survive.

Suddenly, however, if one listened closely, a small, quiet groan was heard. Among the burning parts, a small, lime green hand stuck out of the rubble. It twitched slightly, then stopped. Then it twitched again. Then, as if by some unseen force, the hand started to move desperately and erratically as it scraped against the metal. Eventually the hand managed to pry the piece away and the hand retreated further inside the disaster.

Again, another groan was heard, clearly feminine. The hand appeared again, and slowly but surely dragged the rest of the body out. Inch by inch it traveled and the hand gripped the dirt below tightly and the nails were dug deeply in. It clenched more and eventually, the body was pulled out from the wreckage.

The figure coughed and panted as it, or she, layed on the ground, face down. It seemed like forever before she groaned in pain as she struggled to sit up. It took several tries, and her shaking arm and whole body didn’t help. She growled in frustration and bit her lip as she finally managed to sit up. Her whole body was aching, and she could already feel herself going again. She could already see the faint glow surrounding her body and tried to will it away, but it was too strong.

She breathed as she looked around her surroundings. Her ears were ringing a high pitch still, and her vision was blurry as her visor was cracked and chipping off. She could barely see anything past the pitch black midnight sky and the burned grass in all directions.

She really was doomed, wasn’t she?

Then, in the distance, she heard yelling, and footsteps. She could barely make out three figures running towards her, but nothing else. Before she lost consciousness, she let out a small smile and chuckled.

“I’m such a clod,” she whispered and with that was lost once again in the calm clutches of the subconscious. Everything went dark.
The Little Peridot That Could Prologue
After ~~~ is a flashback!!

Here's the prologue of a new story I'm planning on writing. Sorry it's so short, but I just felt like I should end it there. Don't worry though, chapters will get much longer. I am absolutely obsessed with Steven Universe now, so you can be expecting some more stuff from me now! Also, if anyone is interested, I would absolutely love it if someone could make some art or a cover for this. I need to spread my love of Peridot and Amedot! That's right, it's Amedot, but not a lot. Tell me what you think! Thanks! :)
I just saw Grave Of The Fireflies last night. Honestly I am absolutely speechless. No film will ever be as magnificent or emotional as this. I have a whole new look on the world, this film has truly changed my life. I urge you to watch this movie, the dubbed version is pretty great actually! I have learned so much, and the biggest lesson that there is no winner in war. Studio Ghibli, thank you for such a masterpiece that will remain in my heart forever. If you see this amazing film, make sure you have tissues. This movie is beautiful but incredibly tragic and depressing. Tell me what you think!
Guys, have any of you heard of the new Powerpuff Girls reboot for 2016? Honestly, it was a jerk move of CN to completely ignore the original VA's. However, I will try and keep an open mind about this probable disaster waiting to happen. I really hope the new VA's are at least avid watchers of the original and sound like the originals too. The designs are decent, I like Bubbles' bows, but what is going on with BC's hair? 
Feeling: Scared but hopefully optimistic
ps: does anyone play Club Penguin? Please tell me! :)
Hello all of my lovely and ever patient fans! It truly is a delight to finally return to this once relaxing haven that is DeviantArt. I have been so busy as of late with my first year of high school and all of the work it brings. I've made honor roll at least! I have also been working on my writing skills quite a bit, but I am sorry to inform you all that I will most likely end any and all stories I have published to this site. I have just simply lost interest, and I am also a bit ashamed of the work I produced for your poor innocent eyes to view.

Either way, I will hopefully return for actuality this time around and publish my new writings that are not for any show in particular. This would hopefully attract the attention of other readers to enjoy, including you. To all of the wonderful people who have stuck with me for this ungodly amount of time, I thank you, and I hope you will continue to stay by my side in this new revelation of maturity that I have gained over the course of who knows how long. 

I would also like to announce that I am writing my first book, and I hope to submit a short narrative to a contest coming up! Wish me luck, as this is one of my biggest dreams to ever come true in my short and semi-miserable lifetime.

If anyone is curious, here is the link to the contest:…

Feeling: Excited
Doing: A Romeo and Juliet Essay for English(I get sidetracked sometimes)
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Nothing
Dreaming: Of becoming an actual author :)



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I love to write more than anything in the world. I have brown hair and eyes, and I'm sort of a tomboy, but i'm working on getting in touch with my 'girly' side. I was in my last high school's color guard before I moved cross country to an early college high school. I admit, I'm a band geek!
My fav. Color is blue, I like zadf/zadr, ppg and rrb (pic of them will be in my favorites.) Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Clannad, Hunter x Hunter, and Hetalia are my favorite anime. Ratchet and Clank, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and Pokemon are my favorite video games.
These are some basic things about me I wanted to share. And don't worry, I don't just write fanfics, I also have started writing original short stories including a book! Just comment or PM me if you have any questions about that, I love to talk to anyone! Nice seeing you guys, and I'll see you later! :)

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(Tag a quality deviant, You’re it! Quality doesn’t mean that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how much followers you have. Send this to 10 deviants who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them! ♥)

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